100-90 of the best films


100.   Mad Max-1979

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WHY THIS ONE? While it’s successors in the series are far superior films the value and importance on this film’s impact in a sub genre and one of the best film franchises gives it just enough to be added to the list.

99.  Jaws – 1976

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WHY THIS LOW? While Jaws is a classic thriller made by one of the greatest filmmakers of all time. The film’s smaller parts is not greater than the sum. While there are some great performances in the film. The film is still very hoaky. We see this as the film that launched the career of Steven Spielberg and that gives the film more credit than it deserves. Still an important film in cinema history it however just lacks a few things to truly make it

98. Jackie Brown – 1997

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My personal favorite of any of Quentin Tarantino’s films,  it is way underrated for the terrific story and acting.

97.  Tootsie – 1982

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While I admit this film does not relate to me in anyway the incredible acting of Dustin Hoffman and Jessica Lange are evident in the film. This film took an already incredible actor and made him legendary.

96.  The Matrix – 1999

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One of the best sci films for sure, this film took a blend of two genre and seemingly works well. While I love the sequels I understand why they never became as good as the first film.

95. Rebel Without  A Cause  -1955

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A film about a generation and about youth. The film’s cultural importance is well known and while it’s not James Dean’s best performance. It is his most well known.

94.  Jerry Maguire 1997

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WHY THIS ONE? Spike Lee’s debut film has importance for how it shows the problems of minorites in New York City.

92.   RESEVOIR DOGS  1992 

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Tarantino’s debut film is a classic display, that not only was he a good writer but also a good director.


91.  Trainspotting 1996 

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Danny Boyle’s fresh and chaotic style of filmmaking has been part of what I call the 2nd British invasion. This includes other Brit filmmakers like Guy Ritchie which was an independent non traditional filmmaking that changed the industry.

90.  American History X  1998

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AHX is one of those films everyone seems to forget about despite the incredible including  acting done by Edward Norton and the rest of the cast. Perhaps it is because the film exposes a thing we hate to admit exists, hate.



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