In the latest trailer for the upcoming Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi.  We see the grizzled Luke Skywalker training the young Rey. In the trailer he actually says ” it’s time for the Jedi to end”.

Now some on the internet are totally losing their lunch over this. It seems to confirm the theory of what some have call the “grey Jedi”. Does Luke’s words mean he thinks the Jedi need to change or totally end for good.

I would suggest that it means both and here is why. The Jedi became antiquated. They became weak and lost what it meant to be in balance with the force. They became the very thing they despised. Here is how:

  1. The Jedi at the height of their power became bogged down with too many rules. This was of course due to the fact that they were trying to perserve what they had. While many of the things the Jedi stood for were good in themselves, the order became rigid fundamentalists in censoring and controlling how Jedi conduct themselves.  This led to a talented Jedi like Anakin Skywalker to seek counsel with the Sith Master Palpetine.
  2. The Jedi were afraid of fear. It seems so obvious that the Jedi’s only weakness was their fear of fear. They were afraid because they saw emotions as bad and uncontrollable. Again remember that to them total perfection was the idea. The light side to them was about restricting the force. It is my opinion that this was never the original understanding of the ancient Jedi saw the Force. This was something that overtime became muddied with “traditions”. Even the Sith knew that the Jedi were lost and busy blocking knowledge of the force. This is because overtime the Jedi became afraid of the Force. Why would the Jedi be afraid of the Force? The Jedi became afraid of losing control because they saw control as balance. What they did not know was that they were more Sith then they expected. While the Jedi seeked not to use the Force for bad or personal reasons. They had the same desires as a group.
  3.  The Jedi were hypocrites. That is the biggest reason for their end. The Jedi were blinded by their ambition to be the ones in control. They were so busy keeping power they ignored the threat under their noses. When the Jedi finally learned the truth about the Emperor. The accused him of the same thing they were doing. It blinded them to how to deal with the situation. Mace Windu and Obi Wan Kenobi were probably the biggest hypocrites in the Jedi order. Mace became obsessed with controlling the Emperor because he was afraid of his power and control. Obi Wan saw Anakin’s statements  of right and wrong to be ‘dealing with absolutes” as a Sith quality and yet fails to see the absolutes of a statement like that.

Now I do understand that what Obi Wan really means to say is that “only a sith affirms their subjective feelings as absolute truth”.  He is right in thinking this but in his haste to condemn and correct Anakin on his assertion he makes a statement using language that is indeed absolute. While one might think that Obi Wan’s man problem is wording it actually colors his view on things. Obi Wan sees the world in absolutes but he is also been affected by lies. Obi Wan has come to accept the Jedi order fully and fails to see that many of their teachings are in fact subjective and based on weak emotions. Now I have see this dissected many times I still think this is still an example of his hyprocrital stance. All though Obi Wan deserves a break for it is not intentional.

Fast fowarding to Last Jedi. What I think Luke sees as balance is not the same of Obi Wan and the Jedi. Balance of the Force requires emotions while that includes embracing fear and anger it does not mean letting it control you. The Jedi idea of control is not actually control at all but complete restriction of the Force. Controlling the Force is learning to be in balance with it which means at time being willing to follow it and be curious of it. This in my mind totally reshapes how we see Luke in The Empire Strikes Back.


Luke has a natural curriosity towards the Dark Side. This is not because he is going to actually be his father. It reflects that the son of Jedi and Sith has opened him up to gray areas so rigoursly admonished by the Jedi. Yoda seeks to curve this curiousness by impressing upon look the Jedi way. Remember when Yoda said to Luke that he did not need his weapons. This already shows the way Jedi look at controlling the situation. On the surface it might seem that they are non-violent and seek peace but the reality is that they want to control how they train to avoid their students becoming Sith.

Luke has the benefit of seeing the ways through the order and seeing how it lead to the rise of the Sith. I also am going on a limb to suggest that he sees the struggle of his nephew Ben and realizes that Jedi way of training did not help him. Luke has learned from Kylo Ren and sees that in order to keep Rey on the Light side is to support her emotions and instead of controlling them or restricting them. He will teach her to trust them. What Luke seems to be doing is teaching her to truly trust the Force.

So this begs the question, should the Jedi way end? Yes, absolutly  Now hopefully we can see Luke bring a new era to galaxy were Force users balance the two sides.


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