Nameless: A Easter Poem For A Friend

I try to tell myself it makes sense.

Something that overtime will be less intense.

I try to explain to my heart that this is just a part

Who am I though to say otherwise.

For all that lives, dies.

Even God Incarnate himself did decend to be condemned.

Yet he lives so that one day I and all who believe shall never perish.

I take stock in this sound advice.

That even as the fools around me who struggle to see

I know my life is not my own and it never belonged to me

Oh dark skies begone for the life that does is in the Son that rises.

I take joy even in faded hue

that indeed my son too

has see the Son-rise.

All the little things after matter none

For all that has been, was done.

I know that no matter what else begets of this coil

nothing can ever come close to foil

the divine Grace bestowed to me and my son who waits beyond the *Western Sea.


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