My Top Ten Underrated Directors



10.  Wolfgang Petersen (Das Boot, Air Force One & The Perfect Storm)

Image result for Wolfgang Petersen

Simply put this man makes cliche movies very good that we can’t but consider them cliche. However if you need further proof of the visual variation of Petersen then watch Das Boot, Enemy Mine, NeverEnding Story & Perfect Storm and then get back to me.

9.  Chris Columbus ( Home Alone,  Mrs. Doubtfire, & Harry Potter and Sorcerer’s Stone)

Home Alone might not impress you but what should is that it was the higest grossing film of that year and one of the most popular movies of the decade. Considering how much he works well with children that itself is a feat.

8.  Matthew Vaughn ( Layer Cake, Kick Ass & Xmen First Class)

Image of Matthew Vaughn

I think his style in filmmaking is before his time and if movies like Layer Cake were made now it would be more popular.

7. Tony Scott ( Top Gun, Crimson Tide & Man on Fire)


Nothing more underrated is that his films have become a staple of pop culture.

6.  Richard Linklater ( Dazed and Confused, Before Sunrise, Boyhood)

Richard Linklater Picture

His films capture culture and time in ways so few do. He might have gotten acclaim for Boyhood which took him 12 years to make but the rest of his films are so grossly underrated because he is such an assuming filmmaker.

5.   Frank Darabont ( The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile & The Mist)

Frank Darabont Picture

Okay he has only a few film credits to his name but every film is a masterpiece. Don’t forget he is also behind (The Walking Dead) bringing the most popular show ever to tv.

4.  Michael Curtiz ( Captain Blood, Casablanca, & White Christmas )

Michael Curtiz Picture

While we won the Oscar for Casablanca the rest of his films never got the full attention they deserved.

3.  Wes Anderson (The Royal Tenenbaums, Moonlight Kingdom, The Grand Budapest Hotel)

Image result

Yeah if you don’t this guy or have never seen his films, it is only proof of how underrated he is. His films are near perfect masterpieces that have the best  ensemble casts.

2. Robert Zemeckis (Back to The Future, Forest Gump, The Walk)

Image result for robert zemeckis who framed roger rabbit

Probably the most popular and successful of all the directors listed. It’s not hard to explain why he is so underrated. Obviously he gets all the credit for modern American masterpiece Forest Gump. However when you consider the technological genius that often ignored in Roger Rabit or Beowulf. When you consider films like The Walk being completely overshadowed he deserves to be on the list and near the top.

1. Peter Weir (Dead Poets Society, Truman Show, Master and Commander)

No fimmaker is more underrated then Pete Weir. His films are amazing and when you consider how few and far between they have been it makes me wonder why he has not made more. Maybe because he is so underrated and his films never get the respect they deserve but he is responsible for making Robin Williams and Jim Carey serious actors. His film Master and Commander:Far Side of the World is the most criminally underrated film of all times.

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