5 Musical Albums That Changed Me

The albums that changed music for me.


Music has the ablility to effect us in many different ways. For me five particular albums had a huge impact on how I listen to music. I hope you enjoy this list.

5.  Pet Sounds by Brian Wilson err The Beach Boys (1966) 

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God Only Knows why this album is not much more respected that it is.

I do believe this to be best album of all times and it is this album that transformed a beach band to a mega important pop American act. With songs like God Only Knows, Would’nt It Be Nice, and my favorite song Sloop John B.

The brilliant aspect of this album is that Brian Wilson used legendary studio band The Wrecking Crew to help provide music. If fact the band had little time in creation of this album and were hardly there in the recording of it. This in a lot of ways was Brian’s work set free.  The craziness that developed around this album includes bringing animals like coats and horses to help make the unique sound.

4.   Superunknown by Soundgarden (1994)


Most people might only know the Black Hole Sun mega-hit that came from this album but so much of this album changed music for me in so many ways. This album is one that changed me from a 80’s only fan to officially be a grunge fan. The late Chris Cornell’s voice is raw and in top form.  Songs like Fell on Black Days and  The Day I Tried to Live are underrated gems of the grunge era that feature Cornell’s edgy voice.

3.  The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars (1972)

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As a child of the late 80’s and early 90’s the first I ever saw of David Bowie was Labyrinth. The songs of his I knew were super pop hits like Modern Love. I had no idea of how much of a rocker and roller he really was. While Bowie had great songs in the 80’s it was listening to Ziggy that he became one of my Top Ten Artists.  It was songs like Moonage Daydream that showed me that there will only be on Bowie. A must on vinyl

2.  Life in Slow Motion by David Gray (2005)

It was a cloudy day in late Feburary 2006. I was doing a liter run along our fence area at work. In the gutter was a cd, it seemed to be good condidition. No case, no name but the CD intrigues me. It said Life in Slow Motion. I was interested and so I played it and much to my enjoyment found an entire album that spoke to me in a way never really had. I wanted to learn more about the artist David Gray and the more I found out the more I liked. So much of his haunting melodies had sway on me. The album will always have a special place.

1.  Kind of Blue  by Miles Davis (1959)


No other album effected my world view like Kind of Blue. Not only did it make me a fan of Miles Davis but it also made me a fan of blues. Without this album I do not find out who John Coltrane is. I also do not become more open to other forms of instrutmental music like classical. Blue had a magical ablility to instantly put me in a good mood and I realized I did not need words to be intrigued by music. I learned it was okay for music to be non formulaic and like modern pop music.

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