My list is alive with 79-70 of the 100 greatest films


79. Avatar 2009

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While it is not James Cameron’s best film (story wise) it is his most techincal advanced and beautifully shot film. It is a historical film that is a watermark for a new style of film.

78.  2001 Space Odessy  1968

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The film is a classic of great literary classic.

77. All About Eve 1950

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Bette Davis shines in this hollywood classic.

76. Titanic 1997

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Yeah James Cameron had some bad writting in this film but it is another example of Cameron’s expertise in techincal filmmaking. Oh and it won a ton of Oscars

75. Alien 1979

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Imagine taking a hokey screenplay filled with bad comedy and reimagining it as a thriller. Well that happened.

74.  Harry Potter and The Sorcere’s Stone 2001

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The real magic of this first Potter film is the chemistry between the incredible young cast.

73. Bonnie and Clyde 1967

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A classic story with a classic cast that make it look easy.

72. Toy Story 1999

Image result

This film is not only a techincal marvel but the story charms you and hooks you.

71.  The Sound of Music  1965

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The hills are alive with this classic story.

70. Stagecoach 1939

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Stagecoach is the film that really gave birth to the modern wester. It is a beautiful film that not only established John Wayne as a star. It started the legendary career of the greatest American filmmaker.. John Ford


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