89-80 of the top 100 films


89.  Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets   2002

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The magic of the series will be with us for a very long time.

88.  It Happend One Night  1934

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A Capra Classic which continues to be one film everyone should see but never do.

87.  Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome 1985

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My favorite of the Max franchise, the film takes the character to a even greater depth.

86.  Scarface 1986

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An instant classic

85. American Graffiti 1973

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George Lucas’ first major film was a pop hit and led to the discovery of actors like Richard Dreyfuss and Harrison Ford. Oh and without it there is no Star Wars.

84.  Pulp Fiction

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WHY SO LOW? While some argue this film IS A TOP TEN film. I just do not see it. While the acting and screenplay is top notch it is not the best showing of Tarantino or the others involved. Good film so it is here it should be.

83.  The Philadephia Story

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A classic love triangle with a top notch cast.

82. Jurassic Park

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Welcome to one of the best summer films ever made.

81. The Exorcist

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This film will effect you in ways you rarely know can be effected.

80. Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior

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Up until Fury Road this was the best one of the franchise.


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