Yes Robert De Niro I am looking at your three films in this part my top 100 movies 19-11


19.  Mr. Smith Goes To Washington 1939

Image result for mr smith goes to washington

Not only is this film important for it’s story which is essentially an American story. Ironically this was the last American film shown in Germany before WW2.

18.  Open Range 2003

Image result for open range

The forgotten epic masterpiece of Kevin Costner. This is one of the best westerns of all times.

17.  Shawshank Redemption 1994

Image result for shawshank redemption

The second best film of decade.

16. The Godfather Part II 1974

Image result for godfather 2

While most would say this is better than the first I would argue differently. No doubt this is a masterpiece.

15.  Forrest Gump 1994

Image result for forrest gump

This is far and away the best film of the 90’s and it is a classic which has defined a generation.

14.  Star Wars: A New Hope 1977

Image result for a new hope

No doubt George Lucas created something so special it defined an entire generation and continues to reach everyone around the world of all faiths, race, gender and orientation.

13.  Taxi Driver 1976

Image result for taxi driver

A few films effect you like this one does.

12.  The Deer Hunter 1978

Image result for deer hunter

Back to back De Niro masterpieces show off his acting chops

11.  Deliverance 1972

Image result for deliverance

Few films will impact you like this one. It is not just brute nature of the story but what it means the people effected by it.



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