James Cagney takes center stage with three entries on our list of 49-40 OF THE GREATEST 100 FILMS


49.  City for Conquest 1940

Image result for city for conquest

This film is about love gained, love lost. Love for family and love for city. In perhaps the most underrated Cagney performance we see the story of one man who victories thrill us and defeats saddnes us.


48. The Mission 1986

Image result for the mission movie

One of the most forgotten masterpieces of film history with the amazing performances of Robert De Niro and Jeremey Irons. This film has one of the most amazing film scores by Hollywood Legend Ennio Morricone.


47.  Apollo 13 1995 

Image result for apollo 13 movie

A great story of man overcoming the greatest unknown.


46.  Some Like It Hot 

Image result for some like it hot

Marylin shines in this Billy Wilder classic.

45. Yankee Doodle Dandy 1942

Image result for yankee doodle dandy movie

Cagney does it all in this classic film.

44.  Master and Commander: Far Side of the World 2003

Image result for master and commander

A great epic made by Peter Weir and starring Russell Crowe in his best role of all times.

43.  Rio Bravo 1959

Image result for rio bravo

A classic from the greatest filmmaker of all times. Starring the greatest film star of all times.

42. The Roaring Twenties 1939

Image result

This film is an amazing story of an era but it is also a story of redemption that has one of the saddest but greatest endings of a movie.

41.  Les Miserables 2012

Image result for les miserables movie

A terrific film adapation with a terrific cast that definitely got robbed the Oscar it should have won.

40.  The Departed 2006

Image result for the departed

Although a remake of the classic Infernal Affairs this film still has the Scorsese charm which elevates the story. Along with a superb cast this film is an instant classic.

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