30.  Columbo 1968-78, 1989-2003

A huge reason why Columbo continues to be a staple on the afternoon TV schedules, is that it took a different approach. Here was a cop show that wasn’t a whodunit – we know who the killer is from the off. It’s not even a whydunit. It’s a howhegonnagetem, as Columbo slowly, painstakingly pieces together his clues



29.  Sons of Anarchy  2008-2014

Shakespeare and bikers; a sort of soap opera about the life and times of Jax Teller.

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28.  The West Wing 1999-2006

Despite the left leaning politics the acting is top notch.

Image result for The West Wing

27. The Sorpranos 1999-2007

We all loved this show until the last episode.

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26. Murder She Wrote 1984-1996

Everybody loves a good mystery and loved it when Angela Lansbury was solving it.

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25. The Shield 2002-2008

The show was great and it created a whole genre of  gritty crime shows.

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24.  Stranger Things 2016-

It’s still unknown what will be of the new show but if the next season is anything close to what the first was we are in for a special treat.

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23. Firefly 2002

Though it last for one season, it had an huge impact on geeks everywhere.

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22. Law and Order: SVU

The best of the L&O universe.

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21. Game of Thrones 2011-

This show will continue to enchant people to come way after it’s gone.

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