So over a month ago I thought I would swear off Facebook and for the most post I did. I however forget that it was the main area I got information and connection. I had tons of photos from some awesome memories and it is the only play online and see my dead brother’s wall. It then clicked someone might want that from me. So I am back. I agree I needed a much break and I can’t lie these past three months have sucked my hope faith and joy from me. So I think I needed to something drastic. I guess that’s my flawed natured. So any of you thinking I was perfect can now quash that pipe dream.  Some  of you know me as that brash guy who speaks his mind, or shall I say writes it and much to the chagrin of my friends suffer through the typos and improper grammar. So sue me!


I am not just here to talk about my second farewell and return on Facebook. I am sure some of you by now can predict when that happens. I get it I say things sometimes. It is part of that brash part of me. Like St. Peter and St. Paul I talk a good game but in the end I fall victim to doing the thing I know I should etc.

Anyways my point is that maybe the issue is not just me not doing what I say maybe it is how I am saying it. I was in need of a sea change and while it has taken some time to get over my mild depression I can attest that I am back but I am not the same.  I really mean that, seriously guys I do. I am not about doing this because I care what others think. I have tried long and hard on that one. I feel like I need to find to my voice and then maybe my purpose. Sure my life has had good and bad but without the incredible family and friends it would be totally jack cheese.

Without going completely off reservation I can affirm that things have been tough. I have been struggling to accept that things should be the way they are. I would have loved to celebrate the 500th ANNIVERSARY OF THE REFORMATION.  I though  both figuratively and literally could not do it. That though is for another post.  I would love to avoid the things I hate and yet find myself still doing. I would love to lose the same stupid ANGST .  I would for people to use the Bible over leadership summits. I would love to be and ye not. It is a struggle for how it falls in my head. I know that may not be enough now to understand but this is just one blog post.  For now I can attest that I struggle in communicating and the only way I do any good with doing that in my marriage is because my wife is incredibly kick ass at doing that. Regardless of the metaphors and cheesy way over used expressions my point is simply that I am back.


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